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Q: My upper central incisor is dead and dark

A: You will be happy to know that dead teeth need not always be removed. It can be preserved by doing a root canal treatment. Root canal treatment removes the dead tissues from the tooth and fills it with a filling material to prevent later infection due to dead tissues.

Q: I have undergone a root canal but it still pains a lot. Should I remove my tooth?
A: After a properly done root canal treatment, one does not have pain. If you are experiencing pain, it indicates the treatment is not done properly.

Q: One of my molar on which Root Canal Treatment was done, has broken.
A: It is normal for Root Canal Treatment (RCT) done tooth to be brittle and break. For this reason we always suggest a crown (artificial cover) after RCT.

Q: I have a gap due to my missing permanent teeth. How I can make my jaw compact?
A: Missing teeth are usually developmental problem. Permanent teeth erupt from tooth buds which lie under the milk teeth. If these buds are not present, permanent tooth does not erupt in that particular position and milk tooth does not fall off.

Q: My old fractured filling starts paining
A: To understand your problem better, let me tell you a bit about the tooth. Tooth has three layers from inside to outside of which the innermost has nerves and vessels. The other two protect this layer. When the cavity is with in the outermost layer, it is not painful and simple filling is enough. If the cavity extends to the middle layer you might start getting sensitive to hot and cold foods. So fillings at this level may help to reduce the symptoms. When the cavity is left unattended and it touches the innermost layer, tooth becomes very painful. In a condition like this, tooth needs to be treated with root canal treatment. When your filling got fractured, you might have left that tooth untreated for a long period, which may have caused the cavity to become deeper. This might have caused the second filling to be painful. I suggest you to do a clinical examination at our office. With proper evaluation, we will be able to suggest if you need a root canal treatment.

Q: I am very hesitant to smile as I have many gaps in between teeth
A: It saddens me that you have lost your smile. However, there is solution to every problem. For your problem you will need 3 things (dedication, time and money). If you are willing to spend all 3, modern dentistry allows treatments which can close the gaps between your teeth to bring back that joyful laugh. Those gaps can be closed with the cosmetic treatment. You can discuss with us about the best option that suits for you.

Q: My tooth is mobile. Are there any treatments for this?
A: The treatment option depends on the severity/mobility of the tooth. If the tooth is slightly mobile, we can even help him to save that tooth with gum treatments.

Q: I have a tooth pain which is severe at night.
A: Severe tooth pain at night strongly points towards a condition called ‘acute pulpitis’. It is the condition when the innermost part of the tooth (pulp) gets infected. It is the condition when the innermost part of the tooth (pulp) gets infected. In this condition, the pain is usually sharp and severe at night. It might also radiate towards the ear and can be difficult to pinpoint the exact location of pain. Causes for such a condition can be caries, traumatic injury of tooth and fracture of tooth structure. If you are suffering from these symptoms, the treatment option is to go for a root canal treatment. However, a through examination and an x-ray will be necessary for the proper diagnosis and the treatment. 

Q: I have sensitivity to hot or cold food
A: Sensitivity of tooth can be due to many reasons such as tooth decay, gum recession, crack on your tooth, loss of enamel.

Q: In my front teeth, there are some hair-like vertical cracks. They were there from last two years.
A: These cracks can be crazing of enamel. Crazes happen because of the differences between the thermal expansion of the enamel and the underlying dentin.

Q: I broke my incisor (front tooth)
A: I understand that smiling with a broken front tooth must be embarrassing for you. However, you should be happy that the problem like yours is easily solved at dental clinics. There are various options, which we can suggest only after proper evaluation of your teeth.

Q: I have an amalgam filling. Can it be replaced with a tooth colour filling?
A: In modern dentistry we use Composite fillings (color matched to patient's teeth colour) to fill cavities. Simplest solution is to replace the old filling with the composite filling to match your tooth colour.

Q: My wisdom tooth is coming in the corner of the mouth which is painful.
A: Slight pain is usual during the eruption of this tooth. However, if you are experiencing severe pain, swelling or difficulty in opening of the mouth, I would like to suggest you to consult the dentist. These can be associated with infection.

Q: Since few weeks,there has been mild bleeding in my gums
A: The most common reason for bleeding of gums is poor oral hygiene. When one does not maintain oral hygiene properly, plaque and tartar get accumulated in teeth surfaces. They allow bacteria and food debris to get accumulated.

Q: I have a cavity in my tooth.
A: Cavity is a common dental problem. We need to examine the depth of your cavity. After doing so, we can advise you the treatment you need.

Q: Is it possible to replace whole set of teeth? Will there be a problem while replacing?
A: It’s absolutely possible to have a whole set of artificial teeth. Complete dentures are used for people having no teeth.

Q: My smile is not good as my front tooth overlaps another tooth.
A: You will also be happy to know that modern dentistry allows for smile makeovers for problems like yours. A good fraction of modern dentistry is dedicated to make smiles look better. Some of the options are cosmetic makeover through crowns, veneers, orthodontic alignment, etc.

Q: My mouth burns whenever I eat something spicy. I can not open my mouth as wide as I used to open.
A: The symptoms indicate towards a condition called Oral Submucous Fibrosis. This happens mainly due to the use of smokeless tobacco products like Surti, Khaini etc.

Q: My child has a habit of sucking fingers? How can he leave this habit?
A: Thumb sucking is a common and an adaptive habit in infancy and early childhood. However prolonged thumb sucking habit beyond 4 years of age can result in development of jaw deformities and teeth irregularities.

Q: My 5 years old grinds his teeth at night. Is there anything to prevent him from doing so?
A: Grinding is very common in children and will usually stop by the time they are between 7-8 years of age. Although there are appliances to prevent this in adult, it is better not to place them at this age.

Q: My mouth remained open for few minutes. Is it related to a dental problem?
A: Yes, it is related to a dental problem. This is normally caused by unbalance between upper and lower jaw or due to some problem in a jaw joint (joint that lies in front of the ear).

Q: My front two milk teeth were extracted two months ago, which still have not erupted
A: Don’t worry! It has been only two months since your front teeth were extracted. Sometimes, it takes time to erupt. It also depends on the time of extraction of the milk teeth. 

Q: I have some white spots on my upper incisors
A: A number of factors can lead to the development of white spots on teeth. Some of them are decalcified enamel, genetic disorder, nutrition (diet) or an excessive intake of fluoride (fluorosis). The white spots are also considered as the first evidence of tooth decay.

Q: My mother’s teeth have almost fallen off. Do you recommend wearing artificial teeth?
A: There is no need to worry about wearing artificial teeth. There are millions of people around the world who wear artificial teeth (dentures).

Q: I have receding gum problems but no bleeding
A: Gum recession occurs mainly due to gum diseases. While this may not seem a big problem at its earlier stages, eventually the diseased teeth become loose and their bone is lost rapidly causing tooth loss. The exposed root surfaces are at risk of getting a tooth decay known as root caries which might invite more problems.

Q: I think I have a shifted lower jaw.
A: If your jaw is shifted, you should immediately visit a dentist. Shifted jaw does not allow proper biting.

Q: I always develop tooth decay despite of proper hygiene maintainance.
A: While brushing keeps us away from plaque and many problems to come, they do not necessarily clean every part of the tooth. Sometimes brushes miss to reach some areas and plaque remain attached for many days. As a result, despite of your proper hygiene habit you develop cavities.

Q: I have two retained milk teeth.
A: Usually, milk teeth (baby teeth) are replaced by adult teeth as we age. However, in some cases permanent teeth (adult teeth) are missing. So, the baby teeth do not get replaced and remain there for a longer period. There is no need to worry about it.

Q: I have a bad breath.
A: Bad breath is a common problem, but with a little care of your oral hygiene, you can get rid of it. Bad breath occurs mainly due to the bacteria that produce sulphur compounds.

Q: I have black gums.
A: You don't need to get worried because of black gums until and unless it is associated with pain, swelling or mobility of the teeth. Normally, gums contain some pigments and due to the excessive pigmentation, some people might have black gums.

Q: I am afraid of doing root canal treatment.
A: Dentistry has changed a lot in recent days. Most of the treatments can be done painlessly and RCT is one of them.

Q: My child hates to brush.
A: Teaching, your child to brush and making him to love that is really a difficult task. The solution associated with this is more psychological than dental. Children tend to take brushing more as a chore than a necessity. It is not possible for us to make children understand the importance of brushing until they are a bit grown up and can understand some things about their body.