5. What facilities will be provided to our Patients from Abroad?

In order to make their journey phenomenol, we will be providing them all the premium facilities keeping in mind your preferences which are as follows:

  • Pickup and Drop Services to Airport.
  • Staying arrangements in 5 Star Hotels.
  • ​Delhi Tour arrangements : For exploring the History, Culture and Beauty of the Ancient India.
  • Pickup and Drop facility to the Clinic.

2. ​Why is it wise to get Dental treatment at Foundation Dental while I am on a holiday?

Cost! Cost! and Cost! The treatment prices at Foundation Dental will sound so reasonable that you would want to increase your length of stay so that you can complete all your dental needs while you are here.

1. Dental Tourism in India for Travelers & Tourists

Dental treatments are expensive abroad. However, we fail to remember that Dentists in India are much cheaper. For many, it has become a common habit to go to a dentist while visiting India. Though traveling just for the treatment might not be suitable at all times, getting an affordable dental treatment while in India can be a good pocket saver.

4. I am worried about quality. Will cost saving mean quality loss in any way?

No! We do not compromise on any quality. We provide the international standard services and use the same equipment and materials as used in your country. We also provide a high degree of sterilization and infection control in our clinic.

3. How much will I be saving through Dental Tourism?

Depending upon the country you come from, you can save from 50% to as much as 75% of the cost back home.



Dental Tourism