About Dental Clinic

A visit to Foundation Dental may produce a few surprises . When you enter the clinic, you may not feel that you are in a dental clinic. The atmosphere of the clinic's waiting area is very unique. It is calm, spacious, friendly and bright, with the emphasis on providing the highest possible level of comfort. Even though the waiting area is big, you will rarely find anyone waiting there. We respect your time and so we rarely kept you waiting.

The dental treatment room is very quite and comfortable. The colors, relaxing music, and the roof design help our patients feel an atmosphere that helps to calm a nervous patient. We are concerned about your comfort.

We also believe in educating our patient individually. We try to explain what and why we are doing each particular dental treatment. An intraoral camera, chairside monitor plus few interactive videos help our patients know their mouth and teeth better.  Our child patients enjoy cartoons while we treat them. 



What to Expect on Your First Visit...

We promise to make your first experience in our office unique, beginning with a warm and friendly greeting from our professional staff!

First we will address your primary need or chief concern. Your top priority in calling our clinic is our top priority. While providing this service we will also make a general recommendation regarding your dental health and comfort. Our staff will assist you in filling out a medical and dental health forms.The dentist will also be happy to help with any questions that cause confusion.

Our Dentist will review your medical and dental history, discuss your primary concerns, and listen to your immediate expectations and long term goals for the health, comfort and appearance of your mouth and teeth.

Any emergency situation, usually regarded as pain, swelling or bleeding will be attended first.
your dentist may make recommendations regarding a more comprehensive exam, x-rays, periodontal evaluation(gums a nd bone), or other diagnostic aids. Your questions will be answered about every recommendation and you will decide what service is provided.
After assimilating the results of your examination and any other tests, your dentist will meet with you to review the results, including diagnoses and suggestions for your individualized treatment. This meeting generally takes place at your follow up appointment.